Wednesday, November 6, 2019

french thing Essays

french thing Essays french thing Essay french thing Essay french thing BY 042673 La carte info-microbe Pour cette activit? ©, tu dots cr? ©er une carte info-microbe qui va d? ©crire un microbe bizarre et fascinant que tu as invent? ©. Ta carte dolt comprendre : le nom de ton microbe son habitat ses fonctions quelque chose de bizarre et fascinant un autre aspect une image une description de sa relation avec les humains (ami ou ennemi? ) Phase 2 criterion D: Writing Level 7-8 The student: writes a wide range of phrases and expressions in a simple text effectively to communicate ideas and feelings in a limited range of familiar situations. Ideas are relevant, detailed and include examples organizes information and ideas and uses a range of basic cohesive devices; there is a logical structure and cohesive devices add clarity to the message makes excellent use of a basic range of vocabulary, grammatical structures and conventions, accurately; occasional errors do not interfere with communication writes with a sense of audience. All facts and details are interesting, clear and coherent All necessary elements are well-presented and organized Opinions are Justified (ami ou ennemi) Student correctly uses third person (II, elle, on) Student correctly uses vouloir, pouvoir and devoir Spelling and grammar are correct a range 0T Daslc coneslve aevlces; tnere Is a loglcal structure ana coneslve aevlces La carte InTo-mlcroDe quelque cnose ae Dlzarre et Tasclnant relevant, aetallea ana Include examples organlzes InTormatlon ana Ideas ana uses Student correctly uses third person (il, elle, on) spelllng ana grammar are corr ect ses Tonctlons communicate Ideas ana Teellngs In a Ilmltea range 0T Tamlllar sltuatlons. laeas are student correctly uses voulolr, pouvolr ana aevolr :

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